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We’re deliver innovative 2D and 3D laser projectors and laser positioning systems. For 90 years Carter Products has designed and manufactured products that enhance the performance of industrial machinery of all types with a focus on customer service and satisfaction.  Carter Products is a U.S. company based in the Midwest whose staff of knowledgeable Sales and Engineering professionals stand ready to give you personalized service.  A call to Carter always results in direct contact with one of our staff – no voicemail trees to navigate.  We believe immediate person-to-person contact is the best way to quickly understand your needs and begin the process of providing information about solutions that will help advance your manufacturing processes.

We provide ongoing technical support for the products we offer and have local repair and service capabilities to handle any after sales issues that might arise, including our laser projectors.  Our goal is to fully understand your requirements and do our very best to meet or exceed your expectations for quality products and unparalleled service.


Yesterday a pioneer

For over 50 years Carter has offered lighting systems for industrial applications. We originated the concept of guide line lights and inspection lighting with unique products based on incandescent lights developed in the 1960’s.  In the 1980’s Carter extended the functionality of the guide line lighting products by incorporating the then new Laser Light modules into our products.

Today a pace-setter

Today our focus is on state-of-the-art technology with products such as  the Z-Laser 2D and 3D Laser Projection Systems capable of creating complex patterns of light for use in a wide variety of manufacturing and assembly operations.  We currently offer the most extensive line of Laser Guide Line Lights and Pattern Projection Systems available in North America.

With solutions for tomorrow

Whatever your applications, classic or modern, all of us at Carter Products look forward to continuing to serve you with wide variety of innovative products to help improve the productivity of your equipment, maximize efficiency and improve your bottom line.

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