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Modern processing of stone using CNC based routers and saws requires precise alignment of hold-down fixtures and part blanks. Placing vaccuum holding fixtures using manual measurents is time consuming, creates the possiblity of error and may expose the operator to the risk of working in close proximity to a moving router head. These costs and risks can be greatly reduced through the use of Laser Projector Systems. Expensive materials can be quickly and precisely aligned–for faster processing, higher quality, and less waste.

In stone processing, reducing the time spent in setting up the router table means more jobs through each machine each day – and that means more profit. Whether it’s granite or marble countertops, back splashes or vanities each job is unique. Placement of fixtures must be precise in order to prevent damage to the fixtures or the router. Each stone slab is unique and placement of the part blank must take into account the grain and defects present. The Laser Projection System can be used to show a clear outline of the fixture location making sure that the fixtures remain clear of the tool cutting path. The laser can also show the part outline, allowing the stone slab to be positioned to prevent any edge irregularities or surface defects from marring the finished product.

Even before reaching the CNC machining center, the Laser Projection System can offer significant benefits. If your shop is using electronic templating equipment the data for your project is contained in digital files and no phyiscal wood or paper template exists. In such cases the projector can input the digital data directly and project part shapes onto the stone where key cut points can be marked and used for guidance at the bridge saw, thus reducing consumables costs and eliminating measurement errors.


The superior, freely scalable LPM laser projection software supports the most widely used CNC formats as well as DXF. This allows contours to be transferred directly to the laser via the machine control and then projected in one-to-one size directly onto the machine working surface or top of the material being processed. Easily customized controls within the software allow the operator to quickly apply any required offsets in position or projection height to accommodate your operation’s unique requirements.

These systems feature:

  • Good visibility of laser projections and compliance with laser class standards
  • High IP protection against dust and moisture
  • Distortion-free projections, even on large work surfaces
  • The ability to link multiple projectors to a single controller to cover even larger work zones

They provide many advantages such as:

  • Optimal use of material
  • Increased product quality
  • Reduction of material fitting time
  • Swift and accurate positioning of vaccuum based or mechanical holding fixtures
  • Eliminating potential damage to hold-down fixtures during the cutting process
  • Network based communication and control via TCP / IP for easy integration into your system

In addtion to the base control software, optional add-ons are available such as:

  • Lasers optionally available with either Red or Green output to optimize the visibility of the laser line in a variety of working conditions
  • Manual Nesting of parts using the DXF Import and DXF Changer funtions
  • Polling — a clear and simple interface for the transfer of data from higher-level control systems. The geometry to be projected is written as a file. The Laser Projection Manager, when equipped with the optional Polling module, automatically opens and projects this file making it possible to avoid errors and speed up workflow.
  • Optional G-Code interpretation – input filters allow the Laser Projection Manager software to accept file data input in many popular G-Code formats and translate this data as necessary for projection by the laser

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