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Logistics and Assembly

The use of Laser Projectors for assisting warehouse workers with locating product and fulfilling orders enhances acuracy and overall profitability by creating faster throughput with fewer errors

Projecting patterns of light onto assembly tables or order fulfillment carts makes it easy to quickly choose the proper component or item.  Operators can ensure that all required items are selected and verify that they are properly positioned.

An industrial laser projector, optionally with a red or green projection, is placed above the picking station in a tray warehouse and marked with a geometric figure, a letter, a number or text that clearly indicates which compartment the picker should pick up the goods from, and in what order (Pick-by -Light).

This same application is also useful for the storage of articles. The location and number of items to be stored are communicated to the order picker by means of a laser light. Even the name of the article or item number can be displayed (Put-to-Light).

The position data, which usually also includes specific geometries, is obtained directly from the laser projector via the control software of the warehouse management system, or via a decentralized PLC control. Tray geometry is fully configurable and can be modified and re-created by the user anytime. This is a significant advantage since there are different tray sizes, each with a different fan division.

Laser projections are also a great help with assembly. For example, they can also provide clear indications as to how many screws need be used, or which part need be mounted next onto a corresponding material container. The order-picker or installer is guided through the compartments in order, and told to select the proper parts, as well as how many.

The LP-CUBE laser projector ensures invariably accurate withdrawals. Its adaptable concept minimizes errors in assembly, packaging, and picking. It increases picking performance by reducing picking times. A visual support guides the employees intuitively, shortens training time for new employees dramatically, and allows for a higher degree of flexibility in movements of personnel.

Special Uses:

  • Easy connection to PLC or warehouse management software
  • Easy-to-read display and precise projection, even on large work areas
  • High reliability and longevity


  •  Minimizes errors during storage and picking
  • Accelerates the process
  • Lower training times for employees
  • High flexibility in terms of warehouse design and layout

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