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Fabrication of wooden products involving CNC machining or assembly operations can benefit greatly from Laser projected patterns guiding workers in the placement of fixtures or components.

Using projected patterns on CNC routers to accurately locate hold down fixtures can prevent intrusion into the cutting tool path thus eliminating costly damage to cutters or vacuum pods.  It also allows operators to remain safely away from moving router heads thus reducing the chance of injury.

In assembly operations, the projected patterns clearly indicate the type, number and location of all needed components thus creating less chance for errors and ensuring the highest quality finished product.


Laser Projection Systems can also be used to pre-place part labels on wooden blanks prior to cutting nested parts from single sheets.  This ensures that labels remain intact after cutting and that all parts are clearly identified for sorting and storage.  Projected patterns can provide guidance for proper spacing of parts being placed on membrane presses for best results.

For these and a whole host of other applications, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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